What’s next for Tallawarra

TruEnergy have made a submission to State Planning to get more development on the Tallawarra Lands – efffectively trying to overturn the revisions made by our unlelected Administrators in the LEP.

Director General’s Requirements for the environmental assessment (to be prepared by the proponent) have been issued for the project. What happens now is TRU will prepare the required assessments. they have 2 years to do this. The proposal will then go on display for public comment for 30 days. Announcements about this will be made in the local press and Sydney Morning Herald. If you’re lucky you might get a letter. There is no way to automatically recive notification so if you’re interested, you need to monitor this site:  Tallawarra Major Projects Application


CRED will be monitoring the site weekly.


One response to “What’s next for Tallawarra

  1. Dear CRED members.
    I would like to meet with your group personally to discuss your issues
    If you would like to contact me please call my office on 42973111
    i will advise my staff to ensure a speedy meeting

    Anna Watson MP Shellharbour

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