Dapto School Update

I spoke with Rebecca Flinn from the Illawarra Community Housing Trust today. She states “this is not social housing, this is for middle income earners who cannot afford market rents.” Aparrently only half the site will be used for the units and the other half sold off, so its not too late for a community park. The only question is how? I know Dapto Anglican Church were interested in the land and were supportive of designating some land for a community park. Perhaps Council could buy some? Maybe there are grants available that might help? What do you think? For more info on the project you can call Rebecca Flinn on 4254 1129, or email rebeccaf@housingtrust.org.au Wednesday to Friday. I’ll post more details as they become available and after reviewing the Council Documents.

Ken Davis


One response to “Dapto School Update

  1. Have you seen the liquefaction caused by the earthquake in Christchurch. Well the land where the ash ponds were will do exactly the same thing if we have another earthquake here. TRU have had it zoned for buildings. Under the vibration of an earthquake here they’d dissolve into the liquified ground.
    TRU has known this ever since their Geological reports told them so. Do the Labor State govt planning idiots care? They’ve been busy selling OUR power system to TRuenergy at bargain basement prices.

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