Resident Satisfaction???

I cannot agree more with this post – I thought the same thing when I read the article in the Illawarra Mockery.

To have any confidence in this conclusion we need to know:

  1. just what is the basis of their claim;
  2. exactly what if anything is being measured;
  3. what is the research methodology;
  4. what is the empirical data;
  5. and who is doing the measurement or assessment.

In the absence of such information, we could be being fed another load of self-serving spin.

It’s just like TRU’s claim in the Draft LEP submission that residents are in favour of residential development on Tallawarra as long as the “ridgeline” is preserved.

via Administrators claim resident satisfaction highest in a decade « Reform Wollongong City Council.

I will be asking for an explanation.


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