About Us

C.R.E.D is an organisation representing residents of East Dapto (including Koonawarra, Kanahooka, Lakelands and Dapto east of the highway). We are homeowners and renters of public and private housing. We are rich, poor and somewhere in between.

Some of us are passionately into horses who have been part of our culture since white settlement – when Richard Brooks took possession of Exmouth. Many of us are Koori, some descendants of the original Tharwal people. All of us deeply respect the Aboriginal sites and heritage of this land.

We all share a deep love of the Tallawarra Point, the lake, our green space and are deeply moved by the natural beauty of this place.

The impetus for calling a public meeting came from an 11 year old local girl, Ebony Young, who became concerned at the condition of the Lake foreshores and started a petition which collected around 500 signatures. It was thought that if 500 local people were concerned about the lake, it was perhaps time to set up a group to express community concerns to levels of government about East Dapto issues.With this in mind, local resident Maureen Magee arranged our first public meeting attended by around 100 residents. At present the focus is to act quickly regarding developments on Lot 2 Wyndarra Way and the Tallawarra Lands and to develop a grass roots organisation that truly speaks for the community of East Dapto. Current items of concern are listed on our issues page.


5 responses to “About Us

  1. My name is Caiti and I’m currently
    in year 9 at St Mary college. I’ve been
    given a research assignment for Geography
    and I’ve chosen to do it on the proposed
    Fowlers Road overpass but I cannot find any
    images or maps of what the new road will look

    If you could possibly contact me with any help preferably before Friday would be brilliant.
    but after that is fine.

    Thank you.

  2. Maureen – Cannot find your email address so I am using this facility regarding IHAP.
    I have asked Peter and Les and now you – for discussion on IHAP & community representatives are you available morning, noon or night? / venue in Wollongong [central location], what days of the week could you be available?

    Ray Robinson

  3. claire burnett

    Hello my name is Claire, i am in year 10 and attend Smith’s Hill High School in Wollongong. I have been given a Geography Research Assignment and my topic is The Tallawarra Lands Submission and i would like to ask the CRED group a few questions about there position and what they are doing about this problem.
    If possible could i have Feeback ASAP

    thank you

    claire burnett

  4. I am a resident of kanahooka and myself along with several other residents are extremely concerned about the DA that has been lodged to develop the old site across from the police station in Dapto with what appears to be subsidised housing with a special application for the indigenous community. This $25 million dollar project has the potential I believe to place nearly 400 residents in a small community similiar to the one in Warrawong. As a single lady recently moved to the area I am very concerened about the possibility of increased crime and the subsequent fall in property prices in the area. What can we do to protest this development or get a better understanding of what is actually planned for the area?

  5. There is a monthly meeting with Ward 3 councillors on the first Tuesday of the month at Dapto Leagues club at 7.15pm at the back of the Bistro. Break the monopoly of the noisy West Dapto residents turn up and let the views and concerns of residents east of the highway be heard.

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