Coming Events

Next public meeting to be announced.

In February we will need all hands on deck to encourage Dapto residents to comment on the LEP


3 responses to “Coming Events

  1. Well done Ken, I am giving the Web address to anyone who couldn’t come to the first meeting.
    Great tool for getting our ‘Group’ known.

  2. This is a great website, and the links to other websites relevant to the group’s activities are a real boon, making things easy to find on the internet and making the information more available. Fantastic job, well done.

  3. Maureen, I was the bloke taking minutes at the Illawarra Greens meeting you spoke at on 6/8.

    We are having a stall at dapto markets 26/8. Would someone from CRED like to attend and talk to people with us and hand out some info?

    Whats your email so we can contact you easier?

    Here are the actions from our meeting

    ACTIONS – Rowan to scan in the CRED info (including a survey) and pass with draft minutes to Scott to circulate to members
    -Maureen to draft an A4 1 pager to send to Jill
    -ALL MEMBERS to review and hopefully support the CRED survey by filling it out and posting or emailing it to CRED
    -Helen W to arrange a walk through of the area with Maureen and Peter Moran, our Throsby candidate.
    -Rowan to invite Maureen to 26/8 Dapto stall

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