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Under Threat

Developers and Councils are planning 17,000 new homes as well as industry and commercial development on the western foreshores and hinterland of Lake Illawarra. Lake Illawarra Authority chairman Doug Prosser says that the threat to our Lake has never been greater. This would have to be the understatement of the decade. Increased stormwater runoff, rubbish and sewerage overflow cannot possibly be healthy for the lake. But it’s not just the lake. What impact will this have on traffic, employment, air pollution, noise, social equity, access to services and quality of life? I’d like to think that developers and council have our best interests at heart, but I’m afraid bitter experience proves otherwise.

These western Illawarra developments are a miniature representation of the “Big Australia” debate. How much of our natural beauty, limited resources and quality of life are we as a community willing to sacrifice? Simple maths tells us that exponential growth cannot continue on a planet or in a community with finite resources. Even astonishing technological advance will only delay the inevitable. Somewhere, sometime a line needs to be drawn. The only question is when we draw that line and what sort of living conditions we want from that time forward. We can make that decision proactively, or we can have it foisted upon us by famine, thirst and civil unrest. Recently we were only six months short of running out of water.

So Rod Oxley was right. Wollongong needs a vision (but not his). We need a vision of a low impact, sustainable future that delivers a reasonable quality of life to all the members of our community. We also need a way for communities to have a voice. This is not just to “have a say” but to actually shape the decisions which affect our lives. Communities have spoken about all these developments. However, as usual, all levels of Government have placed the economic benefit of a few above the wants and needs of the community. It’s not just the Lake, but our children’s future that is under an insidious threat.


Careways Community Trivia Night – Friday 17th November

CareWays Community Is organising the Annual Dapto Community Trivia Night.

We are throwing down a challenge to all the Trivia buffs out there in the community to a competition for bragging rights.

Trivia Night will be held on:
Friday 19th of November
at Heininger Hall
Dapto Ribbonwood Centre

Doors open at 7pm for 7.30pm start

For enquiries or registration please contact Verica on 4262 1918.

Let’s get together and have a fun night out.

Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you on the night.

Please distribute through your networks.

Dapto School D.A. Documents

Closing Date 1st July 2010

Links to Council Documents

Type Title Date Created File Size
City Planning – Lodgement – Plan – Survey 20/05/2009 385.7KB
City Planning – Lodgement – Plan – General – Architecturals 10/05/2010 29MB
City Planning – Lodgement – BASIX 13/05/2010 3.9MB
City Planning – Lodgement – Report – General – Access 13/05/2010 603.9KB
City Planning – Lodgement – Report – Traffic 13/05/2010 18.1MB
City Planning – Lodgement – Report – General – BCA Assessment 13/05/2010 7.3MB
City Planning – Lodgement – Report – Arborist 13/05/2010 15.3MB
City Planning – Lodgement – BASIX 13/05/2010 9MB
City Planning – Lodgement – Plan – Landscape 13/05/2010 21.1MB
City Planning – Assessment – Additional Information – Plan – Landscape – Lot 101 Moombara Street 17/05/2010 4MB
City Planning – Assessment – Certificate – ABSA 18/05/2010 1.6MB

CRED seeks community input on Dapto School Site

As reported by ABC News
Contact details corrected 2/6/2010

The federal Member for Throsby, Jennie George, says she is delighted that the Government’s National Rental Affordablilty Scheme will be able to deliver affordable housing in the Illawarra.

The Illawarra Housing Trust will build 108 new dwellings at the old primary school site at Dapto, which has been vacant for six years. Ms George says the apartments should be completed by the end of next year and will be able to provide accommodation for low and middle income families, at a 20 per cent below the market rental rate.

The Illawarra Housing Trust will start construction as soon as possible on the $25 million project. The trust’s executive officer, Jennifer Stewart, says finance for the project still needs to be secured and a development application needs to be lodged with Wollongong council.

CRED is seeking Community Comment on this proposal. You can vote or comment at this page . We are seeking more information from the Illawarra Community Housing Trust about timing and plans. You can contact them here:

The Illawarra Community Housing Trust
10-12 George Street, Wollongong, NSW 2500
Rebecca Flinn – 4254 1129 – rebeccaf@housingtrust.org.au (works W-Fri)

Aparrently the DA has already been lodged. We have posted links to the Council Documents here.

TRU Lies Part 27

At tonight’s Community Liaison Group, TRU revealed that their current traffic analysis was based on 1290 residential lots. Rita Webb stated that this seemed a lot more than the original plans for around 700 lots. Project Officer Antony Savenkov publically denied that there were ever plans for 700 houses on the Tallawarra Lands. Well he was telling the TRUth. Here is the proof:

Once more TRU are treating the community like idiots. What is more serious is that 1290 lots is based on plans developed before the LEP submission. Since then, TRU have applied for Major Projects status (Part 3A) and are applying for even more houses. CRED estimates a likely number of 1500 houses, most on small 400sqm lots. Yet another example of TRU lies. I will be asking for the minutes to be amended at the next meeting. I think I will table a document detailing the history of the change from power generation to residential.

by Ken Davis
Concerned Residents of East Dapto (CRED)

Community Consultation Review

Ordinary Meeting of Council
25 May 2010

ITEM 11 Community Consultation Policy Review (CM57/10)

Report of General Manager (JH) 15/04/10 CB-010.01.005

Council has sought an independent assessment and review of its Community Consultation Policy.

The following recommendations are being made as part of this report:

1 The community be consulted about the current Neighbourhood Forum boundaries

Concerns have been raised by members of a number of Neighbourhood Forums about the appropriateness of their current boundaries. It is therefore recommended that the community be consulted about the boundaries in the Neighbourhood Forum Charter. This is discussed in the attached Report on Implementation of Community Consultation Policy 2010.

2 Council consult with the community about the current definition of membership of Neighbourhood Forums

Members of Neighbourhood Forum 2 have raised concerns about the Neighbourhood Forum Charter as it is silent on matters relating to voting rights and quorums. It is recommended that Council consult all Neighbourhood Forums to gain a clearer understanding of the issue and work towards a solution and possible amendment of the Charter.

3 Council continue to support and promote Neighbourhood Forums

The Elton Consulting report recommends promotion of Neighbourhood Forums to hard to reach communities as current participation does not reflect a broad cross-section of the community, a trend which has been raised by Neighbourhood Forum Convenors in their feedback. Concern was also raised that not enough of the community know about the Neighbourhood Forums. It is recommended that Council partner with the Neighbourhood Forums in effective promotion. Some Neighbourhood Forums have requested administrative or secretarial support. Council is not able to provide secretarial support as resources are being dedicated to works and services. Council acknowledges that Neighbourhood Forums are volunteer groups and therefore proposes the following support to assist them. Council is committed to working with the Neighbourhood Forums and sends an Engagement Officer to ten (10) meetings per year and responds to action items from meetings. Council is also proposing to work with the Neighbourhood Forums to develop guidelines and processes that will assist Neighbourhood Forum in meeting their needs and minimising administrative pressure. Council will also offer training on effective meeting practices to Neighbourhood Forum Chairs and Co-Chairs which will assist in formulating these guidelines.

4 Council further develops e-consultation techniques

E-consultation is an emerging opportunity to allow inclusive consultation especially with groups that are traditionally considered hard to reach. E-consultation is an option in the current Community Consultation Policy. Council is currently making active use of its website as part of all consultation activities, with details of projects and plans and surveys being available online. Elton Consulting has recommended that Council continue to develop this opportunity with particular emphasis on moderated forums and possible presence on social networking sites. It is recommended that Council react proactively to this feedback and consider what types of e-consultation will meet both Council and the community’s needs.

5 Council update the Community Leaders Meeting with Administrators Charter to become the Neighbourhood Forum Leaders Meeting with Administrators Charter

The current membership of this meeting is not aligned with the Charter. It is recommended that the Charter be updated to reflect current practice as per Policy Impact Statement below.

6 Council promote Public Access Forums to encourage broad participation by community members

Elton Consulting recognises the Public Access Forum as a significant opportunity for community members to speak directly to Council and recommends promotion of the Forum to encourage broad participation. Council will actively promote the Public Access Forums and consider options for broadening participation.

7 The Community Consultation Policy be updated to:

– differentiate between consultation opportunities and support mechanisms
– be reviewed every two years


Download full report Community Consultation Policy Review (2633 KB) from:



by Ken Davis
Concerned Residents of East Dapto (CRED)