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Under Threat

Developers and Councils are planning 17,000 new homes as well as industry and commercial development on the western foreshores and hinterland of Lake Illawarra. Lake Illawarra Authority chairman Doug Prosser says that the threat to our Lake has never been greater. This would have to be the understatement of the decade. Increased stormwater runoff, rubbish and sewerage overflow cannot possibly be healthy for the lake. But it’s not just the lake. What impact will this have on traffic, employment, air pollution, noise, social equity, access to services and quality of life? I’d like to think that developers and council have our best interests at heart, but I’m afraid bitter experience proves otherwise.

These western Illawarra developments are a miniature representation of the “Big Australia” debate. How much of our natural beauty, limited resources and quality of life are we as a community willing to sacrifice? Simple maths tells us that exponential growth cannot continue on a planet or in a community with finite resources. Even astonishing technological advance will only delay the inevitable. Somewhere, sometime a line needs to be drawn. The only question is when we draw that line and what sort of living conditions we want from that time forward. We can make that decision proactively, or we can have it foisted upon us by famine, thirst and civil unrest. Recently we were only six months short of running out of water.

So Rod Oxley was right. Wollongong needs a vision (but not his). We need a vision of a low impact, sustainable future that delivers a reasonable quality of life to all the members of our community. We also need a way for communities to have a voice. This is not just to “have a say” but to actually shape the decisions which affect our lives. Communities have spoken about all these developments. However, as usual, all levels of Government have placed the economic benefit of a few above the wants and needs of the community. It’s not just the Lake, but our children’s future that is under an insidious threat.


Hungry seal steals limelight at Lake Illawarra – Local News – News – General – Illawarra Mercury

As printed in the Illawarra Mercury – 15th June 2010


15 Jun, 2010 04:00 AM

A fishing trip on Lake Illawarra yesterday turned into an entertaining expedition when a 1.8m seal put on a display of playful antics for onlookers.

Kanahooka couple Norman and Fay Thompson were fishing about 800m from shore, near Tallawarra power station, when they spotted the seal close by.

“He was coming up to the boat and splashing around. We thought it was a dolphin at first,” Mrs Thompson said.

They watched the seal for almost two hours as it dived in and out of the water hunting for fish. Mr Thompson said the experience had been a rare treat.

“I’m 71 now, and I started skiing on the lake when I was 14, but I’ve never seen a seal in here,” he said.

“It just goes to show the quality of the water here now; it’s improved out of sight.”

Mr Thompson said he had noticed an increase in recreational use of the lake.

“Twenty years ago we used to sail on the lake and we’d be the only boat on here. Now there are boats everywhere.

“It’s good, it’s coming to life.”

The sighting of a great white shark in Lake Illawarra in April was hailed by authorities as a sign of the lake’s improved health.

Rolf and Brenda Lenhart, who were fishing with the Thompsons, said the seal had caused quite a stir.

“We thought we’d found the great white shark,” Mr Lenhart said.

via Hungry seal steals limelight at Lake Illawarra – Local News – News – General – Illawarra Mercury.