The Issues

At the first meeting held on 1st June 2007, residents had the opportunity to raise concerns. There were many which are listed below, which cover 5 key areas.

  1. The environment
  2. Development
  3. Social Issues
  1. Recreation
  2. Traffic/Pedestrian

The full list is included below:

TRU Energy “Horse Farm” re-development: Horse Farm Page

  • Challenge TRU re development of horse farm.
  • Open green space for the long term benefit of the community – its social, mental health and general feeling of well-being. The short term dollar value of such land needs to be looked at against the long term benefit, e.g. positive outlets for young people.
  • Somewhere to ride and keep my horse @ a low cost – I’m not rich!
  • Will anything we say affect the development on the horse farm? Or are we wasting our time challenging the people with the money? Money talks!
  • Maintain open space.
  • Preserve our green space – at minimum a decent amount of the foreshore and the bushland for recreation and walking. Preserve at least part of the horse farm enough for it to keep going – it’s an asset to the area.
  • 9 hole golf course
  • Open spaces
  • No housing development on north side of TRU Energy area.
  • Even people in new houses will need somewhere to walk or do you want more sick fat residents
  • When do the existing residents get to know what’s really planned for that site by TRU – why are we rendered powerless by the Land & Environment Court?
  • How tall is the exhaust stack from the power station?


  • Bike track connection from Kanahooka Point to Berkeley cycleway
  • Boardwalk walking tracks Mullet Creek to William Beach Park
  • Bike tracks
  • Repair trip hazards in cycle tracks
  • Boardwalks and bike tracks around the Lake
  • Cycleway over Mullet Creek to Hooka Park
  • More seating around cycle paths
  • Cycle paths extended around whole of lake
  • Cycle tracks
  • Pedestrian access on bridge over Brooks Creek on Lakeside Drive to be moved to the same side of the road as the existing cycleway

Lake Foreshore:

  • Weed removal from foreshore “regularly”
  • Clean up Lake foreshore
  • Clean lake foreshore Gilba Road site


  • Playground for under 3’s
  • Sand area on grass
  • More BBQ areas
  • Fenced off-leash dog park
  • More lighting


  • Speed humps all through Gilba Road
  • Traffic calming (slow down) along Lakeside Drive
  • Pedestrian crossing on Lakeside Drive at shops
  • 8” Kerb and gutter (not rollback) and Police presence to deter hoons
  • South ramps Kanahooka Road – F6
  • Access to F6 to travel south to Albion Park
  • Children’s Road Safety area with signs for bikes & scooters

East Dapto area in general:

  • Koonawarra shopping centre painting and repairs
  • Trees thinned out on footpaths and out away from street lights
  • Grass under high tension power lines better maintained
  • Crime Prevention strategy that really works including support for families and mentor programs
  • More Police patrols and powers
  • Clean up north side of Gilba Road so kids can play there. If cleaned up rubbish may not be dumped.
  • Stop the dumping
  • Make the pool free again, or drop the cost to 20c each, or how about charging in winter for heating, and turn the heat off in summer and make it free for the summer season
  • A community website/forum.

4 responses to “The Issues

  1. very good ideas, keep up the good work.

  2. Now that Maureen has driven off into the sunset [outback] with Geebund, I went to the CRED site to see who is not the head honcho, and what is happening.

    Igot a rude shock when I saw that the last entry was August 2009.

    What has happened since then?

    Is CRED still in existence.

    Don’t forget the community forum if you have any issues.

    There is a Dapto Topic.

  3. I think this group is reactivating. I’d like to attend a meeting.

    I support a complete cycleway orbital of Lake Illawarra, I think that the next stage that should be completed is Dapto to Berkeley and, then with the development of the Tallawarra Lands site, the connection of Dapto to Albion Park & Oak Flats.

    I do not oppose the use of of the Dapto Public school for affordable or community housing.

    • Thanks Simon – I’ll be looking at reorganising next month after the Tallawarra submissions close. Agree with you about the cycleway and Dapto School – though its a shame they didn;t take up the church’s offer to resume some land for a community park they would maintain!

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