Dapto School Site

As reported by ABC News

The federal Member for Throsby, Jennie George, says she is delighted that the Government’s National Rental Affordablilty Scheme will be able to deliver affordable housing in the Illawarra.

The Illawarra Housing Trust will build 108 new dwellings at the old primary school site at Dapto, which has been vacant for six years. Ms George says the apartments should be completed by the end of next year and will be able to provide accommodation for low and middle income families, at a 20 per cent below the market rental rate.

The Illawarra Housing Trust will start construction as soon as possible on the $25 million project. The trust’s executive officer, Jennifer Stewart, says finance for the project still needs to be secured and a development application needs to be lodged with Wollongong council.

CRED is seeking Community Comment on this proposal


3 responses to “Dapto School Site

  1. There are some interesting ideas about safer neighbourhoods in this recent article at http://digg.com/health/Empowering_Neighborhoods_and_Restoring_Play

  2. It has recently been brought to my attention that a Four Storey – 108 x Unit Social Housing complex has been approved for the Dapto CBD on the site of the old Dapto Public School. I reviewed this forum and have noted that it was raised back in May 2010.

    This development in the centre of the Dapto CBD has the potential to shape the future of the Dapto city centre. The Social Housing project not only exceeds the WLEP (West Dapto) 2010 Height of Buildings Map but will potentially become an eye sore within the Dapto skyline as the areas tallest building.

    The virtues and community issues associated with Social Housing are a debate for another day. Some concerns however do relate to an increase in crime and anti-social behaviour, increased pressure on health, education, transport and community services. There are also concerns that the the general perception in the greater community with respect to the Dapto region may be further negatively impacted.

    From my own enquiries, an awareness of the Social Housing development seems to be minimal amongst the local community. Of the people I have informed, the general reaction is one of concern.

    To obtain further information on the conditional approval provided by the Joint Regional Planning panel, you may wish to access the below link and search for JRPP number: 2010STH012.


    • It is my understanding this is not “Social Housing” as we understand it – (Department of Housing – Low income). Rather it is subsidised rental for people on “middle” incomes. As for the heights – can you point me to the appropriate documents. Thanks.

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