Graffiti is a symptom of greater problems in our community. Boredom, unemployment, poverty and family problems. It has certainly become a bigger problem since the Council began charging admission to the pool. CRED wants Council to address the problems that cause graffiti. CRED suggest:

  • Make the pool free
  • Make the BMX track and skate areas safe and accessible
  • Work with DOCS, Schools, Housing and Health to build stronger family and community networks
  • Develop Mentor and Educational Support programs

CRED supports the Council’s Legal Artworks and Murals project and commends the work of Koonawarra Youth Project, and the KARA Breakfast Club.

In the meantime you can report graffiti:

  1. Graffitti Hotline : 4227 7816 (ask for Lila
    Dimovski) or email
  2. Police Assistance Line: 131 444

2 responses to “Graffiti

  1. Council should probably just leave some of the graffiti art around dapto, as most of it actually dosent look that bad, and they say it is costing millions to clean it. Seems a bit sillly to be wasting so of much tax payers money on cleaning off art from walls instead of putting it into schools or health etc.

  2. I love your solutions to the graffiti problem; a compassionate approach as well as valuing honouring and being realistic towards the kids.

    Please connect to our website via our RAID groups button


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