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How did we get dudded by the NSW State Government? In my search for answers, I have found the following:

The Illawarra EcoEnergy Park concept involves several major elements including:

•permanent reservation of land for public use,
•wetland, flora and fauna reserves,
•a lakefront walkway and cycleway,
•youth recreation facilities,
•other passive and active recreation facilities proposed by the community,
•environmental education facilities,
•an industry park, and
•the combined cycle gas turbine power station.

  • 2002 in State parliament (link)

The Hon. DUNCAN GAY: My question without notice is to the Treasurer, Minister for State Development, and Vice-President of the Executive Council. Is the Government prepared to allow housing developments to proceed on large sections of the former Tallawarra Power Station site on Lake Illawarra, south of Wollongong, if the area is not fully utilised in the construction of a gas-fired power station? Considering that independent environmental reports will be made available to prospective purchasers of the Tallawarra site, will those reports also be publicly released to allow the local community to assess the condition of a site that was used for power generation for more than 40 years? Do the post-sale residual risk and liabilities, of which the Government hopes to divest itself through the sale of the Tallawarra site, include significant environmental risks across the site?

The Hon. MICHAEL EGAN: I am not aware of any proposal for residential development on that site, but I will check that matter. In relation to the other matters that have been raised by the Deputy Leader of the Opposition, I will seek information and provide it to the House.

The Government’s objective is to see a power station developed on the site. Any further development – whether that is industrial or residential – would be a matter for the purchaser but would need to be demonstrated to be consistent with the use of the site as a power station. Any residential or industrial development would also need to be approved by Wollongong City Council and satisfy local requirements.

  • 2003 – Tallawarra Lands sold to American Power company TXU.
  • April 2004 – Singapore Power buys Australian division of TXU (details)
  • March 2005 – China Light and Power buys the former TXU assets from Singapore Light and Power (details)

During this period community consultation occurred through Elton’s Community Liaison Group (CLG). Elton have been up front in posting minutes on their website here. Unfortunately TRU have not been so forthcoming, however Maureen has secured a seat in the group.

  • Announces 600 homes Mercury Article

Key statements include:

Under TRUenergy’s submission, a vision has been created for the site which
includes the investigation of redevelopment for employment and residential
purposes, the creation of community space and conservation of various
important environmental features on the lands.

Council’s decision means it will work alongside relevant State Government
agencies and TRUenergy to establish appropriate zonings which will then be
put to the community as part of regular rezoning and consultation process.


Full urban development of South Gerringong is not supported by the Strategy because of its extensive coastal landscape values, and the importance of maintaining Gerringong and Gerroa as separate urban areas. An appropriate urban boundary for the southern extension of Gerringong will be identified in the Settlement Planning Guidelines that will accompany the final Strategy.

NOTE: Why are Gerroa and Gerringong valued but not Tallawarra?

Small infill releases (such as Tallawarra), brownfield sites and minor expansions to existing urban areas (such as Dunmore urban fringe lands) will also provide housing supply over the next 25 years.

Protect high value environments including coastal lakes, estuaries, aquifers, threatened species, vegetation communities and habitat corridors by ensuring that new urban development minimises impacts on these important areas and their catchments.

Prevent development in places constrained by coastal processes, flooding, wetlands, important primary industry resources and significant scenic and cultural landscapes.

Note throughout this report they note the strong concerns of Koonawarra and Kanahooka residents about the visual impact, but by the Recommendations section, all concerns have disappeared.

§ Representatives of the Kanahooka/Koonawarra community were particularly sensitive to the visual appearance of the development.
§ There were strong opinions as to whether this part of the site should be developed at all or left in its current state (generally cleared grazing and).
§ Heavy emphasis on conservation values on the site.
§ There is a strong demand for parklands and public open space from community groups to the north of the site at Koonawarra/Kanahooka.

There are significant visual qualities to the site that should be preserved. These include the views of the southern side of Mount Brown and the northern part of the site which is visually prominent from around the lake.


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