What does Tallawarra Point mean to you?

Icon or waste of space?

On the southern end of Koona Bay is a beautiful green headland. Its official name is Tallawarra Point. Known affectionately as the “Horse Farm” or “The Riding School” it is earmarked for development (500 horses houses). You can see a photo at the top of this page. Feel free to tell us your story of what it means to you.


One response to “What does Tallawarra Point mean to you?

  1. Lisa Barrington

    Tallawarra point to me is the only decint horse agistment area in Dapto as it offers a large amount of riding area, a friendly community near by and you get to see nature at its best out of captivity! Not many places can offer that.
    Imagine if we lost the only bit of green space left on the lake how awful knowing that you just destroyed the hunting grounds for many beautiful birds and other gorgeous animals all for a bit of money TRU are greedy and dont deserve to own that land it should be left as it is peaceful grazing land for horses and cattle.It should be left for the community to enjoy and the generations to come.

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